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Monday, February 17, 2014

Waiting for "The Call"

It's officially Monday.  The day I get my "news".  For those of you who may have missed the last post, or who may not be my FaceBook friends, in a few hours, I'll learn whether or not I have breast cancer.

The repeat mammogram was Monday.  I went in thinking that I'd be told that there was no reason for me to worry--that my mammogram was fine and that I could come back in a year.  Instead, I was told to take a seat down the hall and that the nurse would be in.

Those in the know know that such procedure isn't for good news.  Ever.  The nurse directed me to a "conference room" where she informed me that I needed a biopsy.  It was set for Friday.  It left me in terrible pain, swelling and bruising...and now I wait.  I wait for a phone call that could make me happy or that could change my life forever.  

I'm terrified.  No lie.  I've imagined my reaction to the "good" call--euphoria and tears of joy.  I've imagined my reaction to the "bad" call--fear and apprehension and tears of sorrow.  Either way, I'll know in a few hours...

So many of my FaceBook friends have been lovely and supportive...for which I am now and will forever be grateful.  You truly DO learn who your friends are when the chips are down...

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