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Monday, January 14, 2013

Get Your Nose Out of MY Business!!

When I started this blog in August 2011, I did so for two reasons: 1) to help myself through the process and 2) to help others who might have similar issues or who might be considering bariatric surgery for weight loss.  

I did NOT intend this blog to be a window into my life for my exes and their ridiculously nosy friends.  However, it seems that it's become that.

James has a so-called "Christian" friend named Angie.  Angie apparently has made it her mission to keep him apprised of all that's going on in my life--and it seems she couldn't wait to tell James and his current girlfriend, Jo, about my decision to move back to NY to be with my mom.

I'm sick--I have a sinus infection and really need to get some sleep, but I can't go to sleep without addressing this issue, so here goes:

Angie, mind your own DAMNED business.  I mean it.  Stop reading my blog.  It was never intended as a source of your gossip.  And "Christians" like you are why I stopped going to church.  You are small minded, judgmental and petty.  What's going on in MY life is MY business.  Not yours.  Nor is it James'.  He lost any right to know what's going on with me when he decided he couldn't be attracted to me when I lost the weight and when he left me alone during a freaking hurricane, not calling to check on me, but posting on Facebook how "worried" he was about me.

I would hate to stop writing this blog, because I know that it's helped other people.  It's helped ME. But if Angie cannot stop gossiping about MY life, I'm going to have to do just that.  In the meantime, Angie, if you're reading this (and I'm sure you ARE), tell James I said that this blog is no longer a source of entertainment for EITHER of you.  I'm sorry that your lives are so prosaic that you have nothing better to do, but I refuse to be a source of entertainment for either of you.  Angie, go to church and pray for forgiveness...and tell James he STILL owes me money for the laptop I bought him for his birthday. (Cheapskate that HE is, I always paid whenever and wherever we went--tickets to see "Wicked" on Broadway, tickets to Medieval Times, the movies, dinner, etc, etc, etc...)


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