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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Every Woman's Terror!

I bought a bathing suit!  It's gorgeous--black splashed with turquoise and greenish flowers in a "Hawaiian" print.  I bought it at Sam's Club, so I couldn't try it on at the store. I bought a size 16--and probably could have gotten away with a 14, because it fits very well NOW, and I'm just going to continue to lose weight!  Still, a size 16!  I cannot even remember when I last wore a size 16!

And I'm feeling better.  I still have slight abdominal pain--but nothing as bad as it was last week!  I hate the taste of Carafate--it's so chalky, but either it or the Nexium is really helping, so I'll continue to take it.

It's Sunday--have a super day!

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