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Monday, April 9, 2012

That New York State of Mind...

I love going to New York to see my mom and friends, even if I hate the 10-hour drive.  And the trip wasn't terrible this time--yes, it rained for the final three hours of my trip north, but it was sunny and beautiful for my return trip yesterday.  Because it was Easter, the traffic was fairly light, which made for a good trip as well.

While I was in NY, I lost three pounds!!  No surprise if you knew how I spent my Saturday...(hint: it wasn't pleasant).  I had tonsillitis before I left, and that 5-day course of azithromycin is apparently hard on a new little stomach like mine.  I still feel "under the weather" but at least the bathroom blues are over--for the time being.

It's funny how much of my trips north have been about food during past visits.  Of course, food used to be the center of my universe--now, not so much!  Still, I managed to get to Little Venice (for the best chicken parmigiana in the world!) twice.  Of course, I had the LUNCH portion, of which I could eat only about half the chicken (and no spaghetti), but it was delicious, nonetheless.  I also ate pizza while I was there--one small slice but still!  Brozetti's is a local place that makes a rectangular pie the size of a small laptop, and then cuts the pizza into ten rectangles approximately the size of my iPhone.  Previously, I would have eaten three or four slices easily--but this time, I stopped at ONE.  My mom surprised me by eating three herself!

I've now lost 105 pounds.  Amazing, huh?  When she first saw me, my mom pointed to my face and said, "!"  I said, "I look awful?"  And she laughed and said, "No.  I didn't finish.  I meant, it's an awful shock!"  My face IS quite a lot thinner; I look at old pics in amazement, so I understand her reaction.

My friend Thao has lost 27 pounds!  I'm so proud of her, but let me tell you the difference between being a 54-yr old living on her own and a 26-yr old living with her parents: for my 100-pound mark, I bought myself the turquoise necklace.  It was $49.00.  Thao also rewarded herself for her 27-pound loss--with a PURSE from MICHAEL KORS!  I buy a $49 necklace; she gets a $300 purse!  Am I jealous?  Oh, yeah!! LOL

What I'm especially proud of Thao about is her recognizing her accomplishments AND rewarding them accordingly.  I think it's great that she realizes that losing weight is hard work--and the fact that she's rewarding herself for that work with something NOT food related shows me how great she's doing!

Back to the grind...I really need a vacation to recover from my vacation!  Have a MARVELOUS Monday!

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  1. I had a great time Rhonda! Thanks for all of the support and inspiration to keep going! Love you!