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Monday, April 30, 2012

Breaking Up IS Hard to Do...

I broke up with Whit Saturday night.  There was no screaming, no crying (at least not then)...I just got dressed and left.  I'm dealing with it--hurting a little, but the truth is, his eldest "at-home" daughter has been hateful to me right along.  I'm sure she's celebrating the fact that I'm gone, and she would have done her best to break us up before too long, anyway.

I'm going to miss his youngest daughter--she was sweet and friendly and always kind to me.  She always greeted me with a hug and left me the same way.  Still, you can't stay in a relationship for a child--I found that out with James when I was so in love with Shannon.

While I'm going to miss Whit--and I will; he and I had fun together--I've really missed ME these past four months.  I haven't exercised as I should have; I haven't written as I should have; I just haven't spent time with myself as I should have--and I've MISSED it.  It's weird breaking up after surgery--I can't eat the way I might've in times past.  So I cried a bit.  And I'll be fine.  First I'll mourn a bit--and then I'll be fine.

It's Monday--hope yours is marvelous!!  I hope mine is's going to be a tough few days.

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