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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Great Day!

I had such a great Tuesday! Of course, getting the call about the job interview was wonderful, but even better things happened after that!

First, I had lunch with Tracynda, a former student, with her darling brother, Trace (also a former student) and Tracynda's sweet little boy, Neko.  Tracynda's husband, Ryan (also a former student) joined us a little later as well!  Neko is nearly two and just the cutest thing!  He was shy at first, but when he warmed up, he came right across the table to kiss me.  And he kissed me.  And kissed me.  And kissed me!  Such a little sweetie!  Kids like me--they always have.  I'd like to think it's because they can tell what kind of heart I have!  Kids don't get caught up with the superficial stuff--they either like you or they don't.  I had two chicken taquitos for lunch--not much, and they WERE fried, but delicious, and I don't eat fried foods very often.

After lunch, I went to the grocery store because I was making dinner for my "friend".  I'm just going to call him "him" to give him some privacy.  I drove to his house and made "grandma's chicken", which is this amazingly decadent oven-fried chicken using butter and bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese.  It's not at ALL heart healthy, but it IS delicious, and I don't eat it often. I can only eat a small piece, anyway.  "He" loved it--had two pieces and I made enough so that we both will have it for lunch and/or dinner today!  After dinner, we watched "The Godfather", which I've never seen. (I know--the movie-holic that I am hasn't seen a classic like that!!)  We didn't finish it because it was late and it's a long movie, but it was really nice cuddling up with him and watching the movie--a great ending to a really great day.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at his house--and was taken aback at how small I am, particularly through the hips which was always my largest area.  I'm really an "average" sized woman.  I know I've written about this before, but my head STILL hasn't caught up with my body when it comes to self-image.  On one level, I know I'm a lot smaller than I was, but on another, I still feel so fat.  I was truly surprised to see how small my stomach and hips are because I still have that "before" photo in my head!

I hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday.  Enjoy the day!

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