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Thursday, July 19, 2012


I was rejected as an applicant by American Airlines, who apparently don't think (without even meeting me) I'm good enough to handle phone reservations.  And I've had three interviews for which I've been rejected, and I've submitted at least a dozen resumes, which have also been rejected.  Feeling VERY worthless.

People have been really supportive--and I do appreciate it, but this funk is swallowing me alive.  I bought a cute new purse last night--which was marked down and on sale from $48 to $22, and that cheered me up a little.  I stopped and saw Robb and Thao for a bit last night, and that cheered me up a little,too.

I just had  phone call from a local school district and have an interview on Tuesday.  That means I have one on Monday and one on Tuesday.  I'm so tired of being rejected, but I can't give up.  Like I wrote the other day, it's important to keep fighting for something you want--but damn, it's TIRING!

Have a thoughtful Thursday!


  1. girl - when things get so low that you feel your choices are only to laugh or cry, don't cry. It just ruins your makeup! Seriously, your only choice is to push forward and you're a tough cookie. You're also an EXCELLENT teacher so those who pass on grabbing you up are STUPID. Have a great day, continue what you're doing and keep your chin up (as sleek as it may be now-yeah!).

  2. Try not to get discouraged. I know its hard when things seem to be so low.Keep your spirits up, something good for you is right around the corner