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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Pretty Full Day...

I got up early this morning and went to Duke with Dorothy and her husband.  He tolerated the medical procedure well, and we were able to leave Duke by noon.  I went to the mall in Durham, the Streets at Southpoint, where I went to Macy's and found a really cute top marked down from $42.99 to $6.25.  Yes, you read that correctly!  It's cute, also a size medium, and that price!  I love Macy's sales, but I honestly cannot imagine ever paying full price there!

From Macy's, I went to the food court, walked through looking for something to eat and settled for half of an almond pretzel from Auntie Anne's.  Now, I know it was absolutely WRONG to eat.  First of all, I barely got home before the diarrhea kicked in.  Second, I knew it was going to bother me, but I did it anyway.  I'm still trying to lick my wounds, I guess, and while I know in my heart that food isn't going to help me feel any better, I guess old habits die hard. 

I love to people watch, and I guess I always have.  However, one weird thing I do is try to find women in the crowd who are my size.  I've always done this--but I think I used to be better at it than I am now.  I always look at very plus-sized women, but that's not me anymore.  More than anything, I am an "average-sized" woman now.  I'm somewhere between a size 12 and a size 14, although my butt and stomach are still pretty big.  Remember--this weight loss is "top down", which is why I'm wearing a size medium top (sizes 10-12) but a large (size 14) pants!  

When people read I was giving up the blog, they assumed I was giving up losing weight.  NO.  First, I'm not dieting, people, so there's no stopping it, anyway.  I'm going to continue to lose weight until my body is done.  Second, I didn't start this process for anyone but myself.  I wouldn't give it up for anyone else, either.  Although I do miss you-know-who.  A lot.  And I keep hoping (against hope) to hear from him, but no such luck...sigh.

I'm going to the Y tonight for a's closed tomorrow, so I've got to get my workout in.  Nina was kind enough to invite me to come down there tomorrow for the 4th, but I don't want to be with anyone other than "he who must not be named".  

Have a wonderful Fourth of July...don't overeat and if you MUST play with fireworks, be careful.  The best thing to do, though, is to leave them to the pros!

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