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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Beautiful Day and a Revelation!

It was 86 here in NC yesterday.  Spring has sprung! Yay!  Other than hating Daylight Savings Time, I absolutely love spring.  In addition to the warmer weather, everything is green and new.  I told Whit's youngest daughter that I love seeing a newly plowed field, because it's so filled with promise and possibilities! 

Well, I did pay a little for the cake indulgence, but I don't care--it was worth it!  Although I didn't eat much of it, that cake taught me a valuable lesson! I need to indulge a little now and then.  I never would have eaten only a couple bites in the past, but living with this surgically reduced stomach size has taught me that moderation is the way to go!  And rather than craving something and feeling deprived, I can enjoy a little something delicious without going overboard.  I honestly don't think food has tasted that good to me since the surgery--unless you count that reduced-sugar "light" grape juice that I drank the second week following surgery!

I saw a former student yesterday afternoon who went on and on about how "terrific" I look.  I must admit again that I don't get tired of hearing it--at all.  She also said, "I love Whit!".  She hasn't met him in person--she's just decided that she loves him because he has made me so happy!  (And she's garnered that information from my Facebook page!)  I agreed with her that he's pretty wonderful, and then she said, "I'm so glad because you deserve to be happy."

I've had a lot of people tell me that recently, but I don't think I believed it immediately.  I truly am beginning to believe it, though!  In the three years I was with James, no one told me that we were a good looking couple (I hear that all the time now about Whit and me), nor did anyone tell me I looked happy.  (I wish I had a dollar for every time someone's told me that--I could buy a new outfit!)  But I guess the reason I look happy now is because I truly am happy--happy with myself and oh, so very happy with Whit!!

And now for the revelation.  After losing 100 pounds, giving myself a pedicure is MUCH easier!  Ha, ha!  It's funny that I hadn't thought about it at all, but since the weather is so nice, it's time to break out my Birkenstock sandals, so I had to polish up the toes.  I was truly stunned at how much easier it was to do! 

It's Thursday!  Not sure what I'm wearing to work in this lovely weather other than my black Birkenstock sandals but you can be sure I'm rocking pretty red toenails!  Have a wonderful day! (And YOU deserve to be happy, too!  Make it happen!)

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