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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two Movies and a Problem...

Saturday afternoon, Whit and I met at Red Lobster, where we shared a "create-your-own" lunch with clam strips and shrimp scampi, both of which were delicious.  I had two shrimp and about 12 clams--I pulled most of the breading off of them but I don't care for steamed clams, so fried is the only way I eat them!  I also had one of their amazing Cheddar Bay biscuits and a couple bites of baked potato.  It was delicious and satisfying.  After lunch, we met Whit's youngest two daughters at the movie theatre to see The Lorax.  It was wonderful--funny and poignant with a great message about ecology and conserving natural resources.  Whit's youngest proclaimed it her new "favorite movie of all time", at which he and I both laughed because her "favorite movie of all time" changes often!

The 16-year-old doesn't seem to like me very much; in fact, I think she resents my very presence.  I told Whit that I will just "stay away" every other weekend when he's got the girls, but he said "no" to that idea.  Still, I don't know what to do about truth, I don't want to come between him and her nor do I want to struggle with another teenager.  I have one class of "mean girls" that I have to deal with Monday through Friday; I honestly cannot handle dealing with another mean girl on the weekend! After the movie, I took Whit and the girls back to his car (we had been at Fresh Market when we found out the girls were available to meet us at the movies) and headed for home in tears.  Instead of going home, I went back to the movie theatre and saw The Hunger Games.  I finished the first book on Thursday, and while I had a hard time getting into it, once it got good, it got VERY good.  The movie left out a few key details, but overall, it was a very good book-to-movie adaptation!  After the movie, I went and picked up Thai food and drove over to Whit's house--the girls were at a meeting and then planned on going to a birthday party.  

He and I talked about my feelings--and he agrees that she has been rude to me, but he feels that perhaps I'm hypersensitive to it given the problems I've had with my class of mean girls.  And he's probably right, but she STILL is treating me rudely!  And I STILL don't want to deal with it.  But worse than that, I don't know HOW to deal with it.

Suggestions, anyone?  I told Whit that I'd walk away if it would help.  He told me, "no way" but I also don't want to be the cause of any trouble between him and her, either!

Have a serene Sunday, folks...I'm hoping to do the same.

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  1. I see that you dismantled the "mean girls" in your class. Honestly, I don't know how you teach. Teenagers and kids drive me up a wall, and above all they can be the cruelest. As far as the other one goes, I think that it will take some time.

    It must be hard to see a parent move on, after a divorce. I don't know if her mother has moved on, but maybe she's closer to her father. It's odd to see this position in reverse. When you bring a new boyfriend home with you, you're on the edge of your seat wondering if your friends and family will like him. Now it's a bit of the other way around, but give her some time. She might not want to get personal with you right away, but she'll come around. Seems like you've been able to win the heart of his other daughter and his. There's also a possibility of her testing you out. Soon enough she'll see why her dad has feelings for you, and will respect both your happiness!