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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Little Indulgence and Some TLC

Tuesday night I met Whit for dinner. I've been experiencing some odd symptoms recently--irritability, aching, cramping, weird food cravings.  Now before you draw some weird conclusion, I haven't had my period in nearly 2 yrs, so I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant.  But I do think I'm having hormone surges, which cause all of the symptoms I'm suffering!

I was craving a hamburger, so we went to Cheddar's in Greenville. Their kids' burger is small, but I still only managed about half of it (I didn't eat half of the bun--maybe a third of it).  Whit ordered a burger as well, and since mine came with fries, he didn't order any sides.  Instead, I gave him all my fries except for five or six.  We then ordered dessert!  I never order dessert, but we ordered this ridiculously decadent "hot fudge sundae cake" which was an enormous wedge of chocolate cake covered with hot fudge, two scoops of vanilla ice cream (which we got on the side), and sprinkled with chopped peanuts.  Amazing.  I ate about four--maybe five--small spoonfuls...and it was delicious!  It may make me sick but I don't even care!  I didn't eat that much of it--between the two of us, we ate about a third of the cake, and Whit took the rest home for the girls.  I had a taste of the ice cream, but he ate most of that, too. 

After dinner, we went back to Whit's place to watch Jeopardy.  My knees have been really bothering me, so Whit applied Ben-Gay to them for me, then rubbed my back.  He really babied me tonight--and I needed it desperately!  I feel lucky to have this guy in my life!

I hate this time change.  And I think that between the solar flare, the full moon AND the time change, we all should just DUCK!  (Or maybe go to bed and stay there until things are back to normal!!)  It's Wednesday--hope you have no trouble getting over the hump!

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