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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Optimist or Pessimist?

Monday evening I attended a Student Appreciation Dinner sponsored by the Optimist Club in Rocky Mount.  One of my students asked if I would be her teacher representative, and of course I was flattered and said yes!

Dinner was pork chops (with fried chicken tenders for those people who don't eat pork) with potato salad and green beans.  I was "allowed" two pork chops but only took one with a small scoop of beans and a small scoop of potato salad.  The pork chop was thin--and therefore a bit tough, but it had a very good flavor, and after trimming the fat, I ate the entire thing!

Being at a dinner with a group of people who call themselves "Optimists", I got to thinking about the difference between optimists, pessimists and realists.  One joke circulating on the internet shows a yellow post-it with a note: "Dear Optimist and Pessimist:  While you were arguing whether the glass was actually half full or half empty, I drank your water. Yours truly, the Realist."

I believe the glass is half full, but I definitely didn't always think that way.  Sometimes I find myself going back to my "old ways" of thinking, but generally speaking, I try to put a positive spin on anything that comes up in life.  Being an optimist is easy if you count your blessings rather than your shortcomings!

And me?  I'm VERY blessed...and I definitely spend more time smiling these days.  Why not?  Life is hard for everyone, but we have a very short time on earth--so we should make the best of it!  So...are you an optimist?  A pessimist?  (I happen to think that so-called realists are pessimists in nicer clothing! lol)  Start looking at your glass as half full.  You'll be surprised how much further the water will go when you do so!  Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

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