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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, Monday!

I had a great weekend. Elton John was amazing--the man is almost 65 years old, and yet he performed for nearly three hours!  We had so much fun!  First we had dinner at The Twisted Fork in Raleigh--and it was amazing.  Whit and I shared the ribs--a half rack that took up the entire plate with sweet potato fries.  Delicious.  We also had dessert!  Yeah, I know, but I think as long as I limit myself it's okay.  I had about four spoonfuls of peanut butter cheesecake--it was amazing!

On Saturday morning, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, where I had one pancake.  Unfortunately, I had it with REAL syrup because I don't like the chemicals in sugar-free anything!  Cracker Barrel serves its syrup in tiny, warmed bottles.  I used half of the bottle--and had the dreaded dumping syndrome as a result!  :-(  Whit had to stop at a gas station for me so I could run into the ladies' room, and I barely made it home after that.  Dumping syndrome is what happens after ingesting sugar--I guess it works especially quickly on an empty stomach.  Heart palpitations, cold sweats, diarrhea...all the symptoms are vile, vile, vile!  Afterward, I felt like a dishrag, so I slept for hours!

Sunday, we went to the IMAX and saw two documentaries--we see them for free with our Power Passes.  They were both excellent, but the first one was incredible!  Under the Sea was filmed in 3-D and it was so amazing!  They focused on a reef in Indonesia and on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, where the sea life is unlike that of anywhere else in the world.  It was beautiful and truly fascinating.  The 3-D at IMAX is incredible on its own, but add the gorgeous creatures from deep in the sea and WOW!  We both loved it.

After the movie, we went to pick up Whit's sister, Mary, at the airport and then took her out to lunch at The Twisted Fork.  (It's definitely my new favorite restaurant!)  She was lovely, and once we got her back to Whit's house, I also met his mother.  She was very sweet, and I loved meeting her!  She lives down near the beach, and she's invited me to visit!  I am crazy in love with this man!  And I'm truly blessed that he loves me, too!

It's Monday--have a wonderful day! 

Here's a new picture: my face keeps getting thinner, I think.  (Oh, and even with dessert, I lost 3 more pounds! Like I said, everything in moderation!)

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