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Friday, March 30, 2012


I am 54 years old.  I thought only KIDS got tonsillitis, but I have it.  And a voice that rivals Minnie Mouse.  The doctor put me on an antibiotic (5 days' supply) yesterday, and I already feel considerably better.

Am going to NY to visit my mom and friends sometime this weekend, either tomorrow or Sunday.  I may wait until Sunday just so that I can feel a little better than I do right now.  That, and because I've felt lousy all week, I haven't seen Whit since Sunday!  I really want to spend some time with him since I'm going to be gone for a week or so. 

It's really hard to be a post-surgical patient with tonsillitis!  All I want is ice cream (which I can't eat). When I went to the doctor's office yesterday, the receptionist took note of my Elton John t-shirt, and she and I struck up a conversation.  When I was done, we finished the conversation and I showed her photos I took at the concert as well as the old photo of me 104 pounds ago.  She made me show the photo to all the women in the office, then retook my photo for my file!  She said, "You don't look anything at all like this old photo--it's time to update!"

It was a great compliment; had I not felt so lousy, I would have FLOATED out the door!  Not sure how many posts I'll get out while I'm in NY, but keep checking back!  Have a FABULOUS Friday! (And Saturday, Sunday, Monday...)

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  1. I think The Melting Girl and Rhonda is losing it should post pics together on our blog! Just saying! Can't wait to see you!