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Monday, March 5, 2012

Loss...and Another Kind of Victory

The basketball team lost Saturday night, so their season is over.  They were amazing this year, losing only five games, including this one.  They played with heart the entire year and deserve to feel so proud!

Whit and I drove to Fayetteville, stopping at JR's on 95 on the way down and then had dinner with a high school friend, Luann and her husband, Dave.  It was tough to see the kids lose, but like I said, they've had such a great season!

I have decided to stop weighing myself because I am so frustrated about my "plateau".  I'm feeling like I'm never going to lose these two pounds which will take me to the 100-pound mark! I've been eating well, maybe better than I have in the past two months, but I'm not overeating or anything close to that.  And while I've not gained any weight, I am sitting at 207!  (205 will put me at a 100-pound loss!)  Whit said something to me about maybe I was eating better because I'm feeling comfortable in our relationship, so I asked him if he was worried about me getting "fat" again.  He was quick in his reply! He said, "I love 'Rhonda'.  Whether Rhonda weighs what she does now, loses more weight or gains it, I'll still love her.  No matter what size!"

This was the absolutely BEST thing he could ever say to me, especially given the fact that James and I broke up because he said he wasn't sure he could be attracted to me if I lost weight!  Whit loves me for myself--not for my size...and that feels amazing!

It's Monday--hope yours is meaningful and marvelous!

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