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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day OFF!!

Maybe it's the magic of the date--11-11-11.  Maybe it's the cool fall weather.  Maybe it's just not having to go to school on a Friday!  All I know is that I am in a GREAT mood today!

I'm going to Little Washington for pizza for lunch.  Yep, I'm trying pizza...AGAIN.  But I'm going to have "white" pizza--thin crust, garlic, mozzarella and some onions.  I am going to TRY. ;-)

Then to a movie and then to Barnes & Noble for a rather impromptu NaNoWriMo session.  And then, after that great day, I still have a TWO-DAY weekend!! Yay!

Enjoy the day--and thank a veteran for your freedom to do so!!

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