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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Monday Morning Quarterback...

is someone who calls all the plays AFTER the game.  He or she is super critical of what the coaches did the day before, hence the name.  

I have been my own Monday morning quarterback.  I've questioned things I've done or not done.  I've looked back and chastised myself for decisions I've made.  I've been my own worst critic.  I've beaten myself up over my relationships--the ones I ended and the ones I never let get off the ground.  I've questioned why I didn't have this surgery sooner.  

But you know what's really ironic (and sad) about Monday morning quarterbacks?  The game is already over by the time they're calling the plays.  The game is over, the winners have won and the losers...well, you know.

I'm living in the moment--playing the game as it unfolds rather than looking at it the next day.  And yes, I may fumble.  But at least I'm IN the game.  Can you say the same thing?


  1. I Love Love Love reading your blog! You could make a phone book sound interesting with your wit and creativity. Thank you for giving me something brilliant to read everyday;I really enjoy it!

  2. Thank you SO much!! Keep reading (and spread the word!)