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Friday, November 18, 2011

Tears...and Another First.

When I started this blog, I really did it for myself.  It was a tool to help myself with the surgery, the life adjustments, the inevitable changes to my body and psyche that I knew would follow the surgery.  I had no idea if it would help anyone but me, and while it may sound selfish, I didn't care.

However, I've received feedback from people that I am helping.  Wow.  A friend started her own blog and weight loss pursuit after reading mine.  Another thanked me for yesterday's post which helped her with her own painful past.  Wow.  I've been in tears, grateful for the changes in my life but even more so for the changes I've helped bring to others!

And now the first.  I sat in a desk yesterday.  A student desk--you know, the kind that wraps around, has the seat attached.  I honestly do not remember the last time I was able to do that!  Usually, at a parent conference, I'd have the parent sit at a desk, and I'd pull up a chair.  Yesterday, I pulled up a desk.  It was remarkable!

And I finally threw away the baggy "clown" pants.  I tried to wear them to school this morning, but they were so baggy that the crotch hung down to just above my knees.  I couldn't deal with that!  (I'm still not sure how so many of my male students wear their pants that low!!)  So I threw them out.  These same pants were once skin tight--so tight that the seam at the pocket had begun to fray.

Oh, you're probably wondering about a number.  58.  I've lost 58 pounds so far, and I feel fantastic.  Last year, I spent most of the school day in a motorized wheelchair because it was too painful to walk up and down the halls.  When I started losing weight, I transitioned to a cane.  That cane has been leaning against the wall in my classroom for about three weeks now.  I still have some pain when I walk, but I really am feeling stronger every day.

It's Friday.  Have a FABULOUS day!

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