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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well, I Did It!

I gave away my hoodie!  I think giving that away was something of a momentous occasion--I truly hated to part with it, but I wasn't going to wear it as big as it was!  I gave it to a student who not only needed it but appreciated it and put it on immediately! What a great feeling!

I had ordered two pairs of slacks--a black pair two sizes smaller than I've been wearing and a navy blue one THREE sizes smaller.  I wore the black ones to school today, and they are actually a little too big.  They have an elastic waist with a functional drawstring, so they are adjustable--so I should get a couple months out of them anyway.  I tried on the blue ones when they came, and while the pockets bulge a little, they actually fit pretty well!

NaNoWriMo started Tuesday--and I'm off to a good start.  I love writing--it makes me believe all things are possible!  Have a Happy Hump Day!! :-)

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