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Saturday, June 23, 2012


That word...F.E.A.R.  I've written it with periods because I think we need to be reminded that those letters stand for "False Expectations Appearing Real".  Often the things we fear appear so real to us, but they never come to pass.

But fear is real.  And paralyzing.  How many times have we walked away from a great opportunity because we were afraid?  Maybe it was a job offer that was out of our comfort zone.  Or a relationship that was different than what we'd had before--and therefore scary.  Or maybe it was facing major surgery, knowing that your life, while being improved after the surgery, was never going to be the same.

Yesterday, I spent a little time looking at my early blog entries.  So much was unknown to me then, and while I may not have admitted it then, I was scared!  I was afraid.  Afraid of getting sick, because so many people who were posting on the message boards at had written about getting sick.  I didn't.  At all.  Ever.  I worried about the surgery not working--and that I wouldn't lose the weight after such an ordeal.  I've lost 120 pounds in less than 11 months.  I was afraid of being all saggy and horrible looking.  I've never looked better.  I was afraid of the worst happening.  It didn't, and I'm happier than I've ever been!

Think of all the energy that I wasted worrying about things that never happened!  Think of the jobs you might've been great at...the people you've pushed away...the  opportunities you've missed because you were afraid of something that was NEVER going to happen.  And resolve to fight that fear.  It's worth it! And YOU are worth it.  And damn it, so am I!

PS:  After I wrote this, I found this quote: "Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength." Charles Spurgeon

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