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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shopping and Dating--it's Saturday!

Sorry I haven't written much this week.  It's been crazy busy!  I've had a pretty good week--just busy!

Most of my students did really well on the end-of-course exam.  Three of my students have to retake it.  Students are scored on a 1-4 scale, and students who receive a 3 or 4 pass; those who receive a 2 must retake it, and students who score a 1 don't have to retake it at all.  I have three special education students who scored 1s; the good news is that they don't need to retake it but whether or not they pass the year is dependent on their year's averages.  What's terribly unfair is that even kids who are entitled to "read aloud" modifications aren't allowed to have things read aloud on the state English exam.  Math? Yes.  Science? Yes.  Any other state exam? Yes.  Sigh.

I had another date with "Guy" last night; he's really nice and is really into me, but "the jury is still out" as far as I'm concerned. Before I left him, he made plans with me for Sunday afternoon, too.  Like I said, he's really into me! In the meantime, I have another date for lunch today!  His name is Kevin--and I really like this one! We've exchanged a few emails, texted and have talked on the phone in just a matter of a few days.  We seem to have a great deal in common, and I have a feeling we'll never run out of things to talk about!

After leaving Guy last night, I went to Cato to buy a new top for my lunch with Kevin.  I've been buying dresses and "work" clothing, but I really need casual clothes.  (My mom tried to tell me that I "wanted", not "needed" clothing, but truth is, I've given away almost everything in my closet, and things I bought three months ago are too big now!) I walked into Cato and immediately fell in love with a BUNCH of things.  I picked up seven tops and went...drumroll, please...into the dressing room!  (I haven't tried clothing on in a dressing room for at least 5 years!) And for the first time in a very long time--possibly EVER--I rejected clothing not because it didn't fit, but because I didn't like it!  This is really significant--I'm wearing clothing to enhance me rather than cover me!  I ended up with three I have to decide which one to wear today!  And one of the tops was too BIG in a size "large"...I had to try on (and bought) a "medium"!!

Have a SUPER Saturday, everyone!  I know I will!

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  1. WAHOOOOOOOOOO.. MEDIUM WINS!!!! and i agree with the read aloud stuff.. my youngest is LD in reading yet she has to conquer the test all on her own! :(