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Friday, June 22, 2012

Seeing Isn't Necessarily Believing...

Yesterday, I had a job interview at a school in Raleigh.  It's a school at which I'd love to work, and the interview went well, so we'll see.  I arrived on time, went in the wrong door but found a very helpful cleaning woman who took me the right way.  When I got to the main office, I informed the secretaries who I was and with whom I was meeting.  They told me to have a seat, and when I looked at the "small" armed chairs, I panicked a little.  I've always hated those armed chairs and forcing my fat butt and hips into them.

But my hips and butt aren't as fat as they used to be, and I can fit into ANY chair comfortably.  On one level, I know that, but on another, I look at seats like those--theatre seats, doctors' waiting room chairs and others--and feel dread. 

Today a former student posted on Facebook about "massively obese patients" in the waiting room where she's an office assistant who were so large that they had to "hold up their fat rolls to fit in the chairs."  She goes on to write, "I just don't understand HOW someone could let themselves get that way?!"  Sigh.  I wrote, "__________ (her name), don't have NO idea what makes people do what they do, but in my experience, they need compassion, not judgment. Signed, your formerly massively obese teacher."

I guess that I haven't been very successful as a teacher in teaching kids NOT to judge.  Sheesh.  Hopefully, my reply to her rude, judgmental statement will teach her a little something!!

Anyway, I still have no real self-concept about my size.  I thought it was getting better--I mean, I stopped buying extra-large tops, but apparently, I need to work on my chairs!  It's a process, I guess.

I've lost 120 pounds.  That's a grown woman.  Amazing to me.  My mother and I are wearing the same size tops--even though she's five inches shorter than I.  Freaks me out a little...and in another way, it's pretty awesome.  Except that she keeps trying to give me her clothes--and we have pretty different taste in clothes!

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!!  I'm meeting Kevin for lunch and then going to the IMAX to see "Rock of Ages".  I saw it in NY with Sue and her daughter Heather...I'm sure it's even better in IMAX!

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