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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Feeling Stronger Every Day!

It truly is amazing the difference a day makes.  I was so crushed, but today I am grateful and hopeful.  My Facebook page has just exploded with loving comments from my former students!  I told Kevin last night that most people don't have an opportunity to hear what people think of them until their funerals--and by then, it's too late.  I'm blessed to be hearing it NOW!  And the comments have been just fabulous.  My kids...yes, they are MY KIDS...are the best kids in the world!

Last night, I went to trivia with Kevin, and we WON!  I've always had a head for trivia, and I just love playing.  I don't think Kevin was too impressed with my knowledge base last week, but I made up for it last night! Did you know that China is credited with inventing the wheelbarrow?  I DID!  Did you know that it takes 12 bees to make a spoonful of honey?  I did!

This morning started with a text from my friend Susan about a possible job lead.  I've also heard from other people about possible leads.  Like I said, I am blessed!  Additionally, I had lunch yesterday with some of the women who were laid off in the elementary school--the total laid off now is at about 22.  We had fun commiserating...and we will do lunch again before the end of the summer, but I'm convinced that it'll be to CELEBRATE new jobs!

It can't rain forever, folks...even Noah found that out.  And as Dolly Parton said, "The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!"  And I'm ready for that rainbow!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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