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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Top 10 Reasons to Have Gastric Bypass Surgery

10.  It improves your sex life.Exponentially.  In part, I'm sure it has to do with more self-confidence, but it's also different body strength, more flexibility and less flab in the way!
 9.  You feel better physically. This surgery has been proven to cure diabetes and hypertension. By losing the weight, your joints will feel much better.  You'll sleep better, too--AND require less sleep!
 8.  You add years to your life by losing the weight. With less weight comes less risk of heart disease, which is the number one killer of women (and a lot of men, too!)  Walking around 100 pounds lighter can not only improve your length of life, but the quality as well!
 7.  Clothes are suddenly fun to buy.I've already written about this.  I no longer shop looking for things that FIT but instead for things that FLATTER!
 6.  You don't need to worry about fitting into tight seats. Before the surgery, airplane and theatre seats were especially scary.  I always wondered if I was going to fit.  No more anxiety about that!
 5.  You can have a tight seat. Yeah...this doesn't need explaining!
 4.  Your confidence and self-esteem will soar. When you feel better, it shines through! And compliments! They are worth their WEIGHT in gold!
 3.  You'll have a lot of energy now that you're not carrying around an additional person. Imagine how much exertion it takes to carry around a 20 or 25 pound bag of pet food.  And then multiply that by...4?  5?  6 or more?
2.   You'll save money on groceries and at restaurants! In the surgeons' patient guide, they tell patients that since they're limited to quantity, they should buy the very best.  It's easy to do that when you eat so little!  Additionally, I very often order kids' meals or share with a friend, so I'm definitely saving money there as well.
And the NUMBER 1 reason to have gastric bypass:
1.  It improves your sex life. (I know I already mentioned that, but it's a good one! A REALLY good one!)

Have a FABULOUS Friday, everyone!!

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