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Monday, June 25, 2012

That's Just Beachy!

I had a great time at the beach with Daisy yesterday.  It was a beautiful day--about 84, mostly sunny with a great breeze.  Of course, I used a sunblock--50 SPF--and I still got sunburned!

It was great going out on the beach in my swimsuit.  I wore a little dress over it to the beach, and took the dress off without hesitation.  What a switch for me!  Before yesterday, I wore some type of cover which I hated to take off--and only took off when I had to!  Here's a picture...
Yes, that's me in all my whiteness.  And the suit is a little big--I bought it back in April when I saw it at Sam' was super tight when I first tried it on.  Now it's a loose, but I still love it.  And I am sharing the pic with the world.  How crazy is that?  I would never have allowed a photo, let alone put it on the web!

And I read on my Kindle at the beach.  I could not believe how easy it was to read in the brightest sunlight!  I highly recommend!

Today, I have another job interview.  I'm supposed to hear from the school where I interviewed last week by Thursday.  And tomorrow, Martha and I are going to King's Dominion! It should be a GREAT week.  Have a marvelous Monday!!

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