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Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Ups and Downs

The past few days have been busy, disappointing and amazing!  First...the busy.

On Thursday, I took Julia all over Raleigh, including to the Crabtree Valley Mall where we found some great deals at Macy's.  I bought an adorable top--in a size MEDIUM!--that was marked down from $39 to $6.82!  It's really cute; I love the colors, and more than that, the price was right as was the SIZE!!  I also bought a lightweight sweater/jacket that was marked down from $49 to $8.57.  It's a size Small/Medium!  SO surreal!

The disappointing?  I didn't get the job in Raleigh.  I thought the interview had gone so well...and I didn't get the job!  I guess it means that it wasn't the right place for me, but still...I've got resumes out to six different schools in Wake County, and to one in Nash County, so I'm hoping that the right place will find me!  I had dinner that evening with Kevin, which was great--the food wasn't awesome but the company was.  

Then yesterday, I drove down to Wilmington to see my former fiance's granddaughter, Shannon.  Her grandmother, Nina, was kind enough to invite me to spend the day with them.  We spent time in the pool, then went out to dinner and then to see the movie "Brave".  

We had dinner at "On the Border" Mexican restaurant.  Nina also had gastric bypass surgery, so we shared an entree.  The waitress was kind enough to get us the lunch portion of the beef brisket tacos--two rather than three on the dinner menu--with refried beans and rice.  Neither Nina nor I ate the rice--it's too filling; and after one bite, I removed the beef filling from the tortilla and put the bread aside.  Bread is also too filling!

If you haven't seen "Brave", I highly recommend it.  It's beautiful--truly amazing animation.  Additionally, the hero, Merida, is just gorgeous, as is the scenery AND the storyline.  We laughed, we jumped, we cried a bit.  Beautifully done!

We're currently going through some very hot weather--yesterday's high was about 101; today's forecast is for 102 degrees.  As a result, other than going to the Y for some pool time, I plan on spending the day in the house!  Stay cool and have a super Saturday! 

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