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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm awake early this morning!  I have a few things to do, including paying my water bill that I tend to forget EVERY month.  Not sure how I do that, but I do!  

Yesterday was supposed to be my first trip to an amusement park in at least a decade.  Instead, Martha and I went to The Mellow Mushroom (a pizza place) in Raleigh and then to a cute little boutique where she wanted to buy some things for her upcoming trip to Mexico.

Sugar Magnolia is a small store that carries imported clothing, purses and kitschy decorations.  Most of the clothing comes from India, and I tend to love the rayons and gauzes used in Indian clothing.  I bought the most adorable pair of pants--they are rayon, black and white floral print, short and flowing.  Great for a hot summer day or evening!  (And they were only $15.  The store is near NC State University, and everything in the place is $15 or less!) Clothing at boutiques like this one was never within my size range, but it is now!  I also bought an adorable bag--which can be used as an unstructured purse or as a beach bag.  Really cute and only $7.50!

I'm having fun discovering my inner stylist.  I helped Martha pick out an adorable orange dress which looked great with her figure and skin tone.  After she and I parted, I went to Ross, where I found a cute turquoise top for $7.99!  I'm trying not to buy too much, because I'm still losing!  About three weeks ago, I bought a pair of denim capris which were a little snug when I bought them.  I put them on yesterday, and now they're a little loose in the waist!  Size?  14!  From a 22/24 to a 14 in 11 months?!  I did a half-naked happy dance when I pulled them on!

I'm returning to the Y today as well.  I need to build some muscle!  I work out with dumbbells at home, so my arms aren't too bad, but my thighs and butt definitely need some toning!  I'll spend most of my time in the pool--I love the water, and the low-impact resistance is great for my knees. 

I finally got in touch with my friend Whitney who used to work at Prep.  She and her husband both are thriving after being "let go", and talking to her yesterday was just what I needed.  There IS life after Prep, and I believe in my heart that I'm not going to just survive but thrive at a new school!  (I'd just like to know where so I can relax a little!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. wahoooooooooo.. 14 is amazing!!!!! so super proud and i bet the skirt looks GREAT!!! i love the mellow mushroom.. their wheat crust with pesto is my FAVORITE!!!