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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another First...

I ate beef!  It didn't make me sick, but I wondered if it would.  The doctor said that beef was hard to digest, especially well-done beef, but I won't eat it any other way!  I went to Logan's Roadhouse in Greenville--one of my favorite restaurants before the surgery.  I ordered steak tips and a fruit cup off the kids' menu...$4.99.  The steak tips were actually a little too well done, but I chewed them well!  And the fruit cup was really good--fresh pineapple, honeydew and red grapes.
Logan's was also selling breast cancer awareness t-shirts with all the profits going to the American Cancer Society.  Really cute shirts--I bought a black one that has the pink ribbon on the front and then a wonderful design on the back.  It's a little snug today, but I know it won't be next month!

Later in the day, I walked through Wal-Mart and picked up dog food, cat litter and a few other things.  Normally, when going there, I use a scooter to get through the store.  But I chose to walk.  And I came through it a little sore but feeling pretty good.   I must admit my energy level is really up these days.  Yay!

I also pulled a t-shirt out of my closet that I bought to support cancer research a few years ago.  It didn't fit then, and now, it's almost too big.  Great feeling, I've got to say!!

I have a long weekend--Monday is our "Headmaster's Holiday".  Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'm sure it will be fun!  Life definitely getting better as I get thinner!

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