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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Bus Trip...

Okay...I didn't forget to post last night; I didn't post because I didn't get home until almost midnight.  The bus trip?'s a play-by-play...

First, we left school at 6:05 because we were waiting for one kid who was "just around the corner".  He was at a convenience store buying junk food for the trip.  We drove an hour or so, just until we reached the Virginia border where the driver announced he had to stop and get fuel.  So we lost 15 minutes there.  I asked why they hadn't fueled up the night before, and he said that the bus had been out.  So?  We had made reservations a while ago...not sure if that's a great way to do business... Still, it was probably best that we stopped--I had a girl get carsick and had to buy her some Dramamine (which I was able to give her after calling her mom.)

After we got back on the road, the door wasn't sealing correctly, and there was a horrible "screaming" noise that we listened to for three straight hours.  We nearly got lost twice--especially when the bus went on this very narrow road that led away from our destination!

We arrived at the theatre with less than five minutes to spare.  I *am* happy to report that the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton is amazing!  Although it's enclosed with a roof, it's built in a manner similar to that of Shakespeare's Globe theatre.  The play was terrific, and the kids seemed to enjoy it.

When we came out of the theatre at 1:15, we discovered that the bus wouldn't start.  We sat there for more than an hour while the driver tried to get his company on the phone, when the 38 kids with us began to get restless.  I suggested to my principal (thank God he was with me!) that we order pizza for the kids.  I used my iPhone and called Domino's who delivered 10 pizzas, 8 2-litre bottles of soda and plates, cups and napkins 30 minutes later.

Remember me telling you I was nervous about eating on the trip?  Well, with nothing but pizza available, I had to take a chance.  I *did* eat a slice--almost all of it--without getting sick, although it was a little touchy there for a bit.  Still, I managed, which was something.

To make a very long story (and day) a bit shorter, we sat on the side of the road for 4+ hours.  We did walk the downtown area a little, and the kids discovered an ice cream parlor which made them happy.  When our replacement bus came (from a different company) at nearly 6:00pm, we knew we needed to feed the kids, so we took them to Golden Corral.  It was the first time since the surgery that I've been to a buffet restaurant, and I won't be going to one anytime soon.  When it was my turn to go through the line, I *took* food like I did before surgery: a piece of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, a roll and a piece of cornbread.  However, I *ate* half the chicken, without the skin or breading, two forkfuls of mashed potatoes and a bite of roll.  I don't know what I was thinking by taking all that food except that bad habits die *hard*!

We arrived back at school safe and sound--at nearly 11:30pm.  A long day, but one in which I made some good choices.  Not a bad day after all...

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