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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Over 2000 hits on this blog!  Thank you so much!  I really appreciate your support!

I had my hair cut today, and I joked with Charley, my stylist, about cutting off that 1.4 lbs  that I need to have lost to be at an even 50 lbs!  Well, she did manage to take off the .4 lbs! :-)  Thanks, Charley!

My goal for this weekend is to pack up clothing I can't wear, and while I'm fine about most of the clothing,I have three buffalo-check blouses that I just LOVE.  One is purple and black, one is dusty pink and navy and one is black and white.  They are long sleeved and designed with tucks/pleats at the top so that they billow a little.  Well, they billowed a little when they fit.  Now I swim in them!  I'm going to give away two of them, but I'm going to keep the pink one and ask a friend of mine (hello, Susy!) if she can tailor it for me.  I know that it may be silly, but I love these shirts!!

And it's time to go get new pants.  I have to.  The slacks I wear to school just aren't working for me anymore!  They are huge and uncomfortable because they are so big!

My friend Dorothy asked me tonight about my love life.  I broke up with my former fiance back in September, and I really haven't even thought about pursuing a relationship since then.  I guess it's because I'm busy working on me.  I have noticed that I get more smiles these days, and I like the attention, but I really don't need a relationship right now.  Perhaps it will happen--maybe it won't.  I'm having fun--and isn't that really all that matters?

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