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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's a Walk in the Park!

I had a great day off Monday.  I went to Cary and had a half of a spiedie sandwich for lunch.  Well, I didn't eat the bread, so I had a few chunks of grilled marinated chicken.  If you really "are what you eat", I may I grow feathers and begin to lay eggs!  I truly am living on chicken!  I took a small lunch bag with an ice pack so that I could bring the other half home, which I then ate for dinner.

After lunch, I went to World Market, which has to be one of my favorite stores!  I found a great gift for my friend Crystal, whose birthday is next month.  I also bought six little (.375 oz, about 1 inch square) individually wrapped sea salt/dark chocolate candy bars.  They are small, contain 64% cacao and don't contain much sugar.  I have allowed myself one a week when I have an overwhelming need for chocolate!  I don't really love dark chocolate, but the contrast of the bittersweet chocolate with the tang of the sea salt works for me!

When I got home, I took Jack out for a ride in the car--he loves that--and then we went to City Lake for a walk!  We only walked about a quarter of the way around the lake--my knees didn't allow much more--but still, we walked back, so that was almost half way around!  Not bad for our first time out.  Jack was such a boy, lifting his little leg everywhere!  I swear he hit every tree, post and stump in the park!  I was proud of him, though; he didn't chase one duck or goose in the park!

It's funny that one little walk in the park could make both Jack and me so happy.  Actually, I think it made me happier than it did Jack.  It was the beginning of a new physical effort that I actually can make--something that I can do, however limited, that is fun and exercise.  I look forward to cooler weather when I'm lighter and can enjoy the walk even more!

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  1. No matter the physical exercise, it counts! Some days I whine about going to the gym, but I always feel better that I did in the end!