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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ooops, Again!

Monday was a long day.  I had to throw three boys out of my 4th period class--and I've never done that in the 19 years I've been teaching!  I had a faculty council meeting after school and didn't leave the building until 5:30pm.

I was supposed to go to rehearsal Monday night, but I just wasn't up to it, so I sent a quick email to the director.  When I got home, I reheated some chicken curry, ate about a quarter of it and felt ill.  One trip to the bathroom later, I was feeling pretty lousy, so I closed my eyes for a few minutes...

Yep, you guessed it: I slept all night.  ALL night.  Good thing I set the morning alarms or I'd still be sleeping!  I feel okay this morning, I think--maybe a little queasy.  I don't know if the curry was too much (it wasn't spicy at all!) or if I picked something up from my little darlings or what was going on.  I'm going to NY this weekend to see my mom, and I can't wait!  I really, really need to get out of town for a couple days!

Have a great Tuesday everyone--and sorry I missed those of you who are really early readers!

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