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Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's a fact that I've lost fifty pounds.  I know this.  I step on the scale and see the number.  I can feel how big most of my clothes are, and yet this still isn't real to me!

At this point, people at school are commenting nearly daily about my weight loss.  I get compliments all the time.  Today, I took a pair of khaki pants out of the closet--pants I put away a couple years ago because they were too snug.  I held my breath as I stepped into them and pulled them up because I was afraid they wouldn't fit.

When will it sink in?  I am fifty pounds lighter than I was in August.  Fifty pounds.  I bought an 18-pound bag of cat food last weekend and struggled to get it into the car.  I've lost nearly three times that amount!  Fifty pounds--the size of an average six year old!  Of course my old clothing doesn't fit.  I know that--rationally.  Emotionally, it's another story altogether.  


  1. lol...I TOLD you the biggest part of the journey is mental. See what I meant??

  2. Oh, Susan...I so DO know what you meant!! If you read on, you'll see I continue to struggle with the mental stuff!!