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Saturday, October 1, 2011


After school today, I went to El Tapatio for a chicken burrito.  Unlike the last time, when I removed the tortilla, I asked them to bring it to me without the tortilla.  When the server brought it to me, I was happy that I had ordered it that way.  There's no "medical" reason I couldn't eat the tortilla--I'm "allowed" to eat them, of course, but I have such a limited amount of space, it's better to skip bread products and go right to the protein!

The waitress placed in front of me a (very hot) oval plate with chicken, onions, green pepper, smothered in their delicious burrito sauce and sprinkled with cheese.  It was delicious, but of course, I could only eat half.  I was satisfied--it was delicious and full of protein, AND it cost $4.01.  Two meals for four dollars! (Plus the tip--and even though I'm spending a lot less on food at restaurants these days, I still tip as though I was spending the full amount.  After all, why should a server suffer because I made a life-changing decision?  I left a three-dollar tip on a four-dollar check!)

I came home and found two "presents" in the mail--I had ordered two pair of earrings online, and they arrived today.  Earrings are a safe bet for me these days because "one size fits all".  I've always loved jewelry and I felt like a little reward for my hard work!

And it has been hard work.  But easily the most rewarding hard work of my life!  Today, I'll go to the movies in my usual Saturday fashion--even though it's still hard for me to skip the popcorn.  But I will.  The last three times I went to the movies, I had convinced myself that I was going to have popcorn anyway! Still, reason won out, and I sat through the films without the snack and was better for it!  I'm sure I'll be able to eat popcorn again--I'm just not ready to deal with the ill feeling it may cost this early in my recovery!

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