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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Did It!

I went to the movies Saturday afternoon after cleaning a little and doing a LOT of laundry.  I found a pair of jeans in my closet--I have no idea where they came from, but they had a line of dust across the place where they lay on the hanger, so...  I say I have no idea where they came from because they are *small*.  I mean, they are snug now, so they could not have EVER fit me.  I am not one to return clothing, so chances are I bought them, they were too small, but I kept them anyway.  Anyway, now I have a pair of jeans I can wear for a while. :-)  They're "skinnier" jeans--can't actually call them "skinny" in my size!

At the movies, I bought popcorn.  I did it.  A kiddie combo, which comes with a little popcorn, fruit snacks and a small drink.  I ate less than half of the popcorn, enjoyed the first couple bites immensely and then found myself eating it without really tasting it.  So I stopped.  Yes, just like that.  I didn't drink the Hi-C (no soda for me) except for a small sip, and other than feeling slightly guilty for throwing it away, I was unscathed.

This taught me that I was missing something from a purely psychological perspective and that I *can* live without popcorn at the movies.  I'm really glad I made the effort today--and I probably won't need to have it again.

The movie, What's Your Number?, was funny and enjoyable.  I ate popcorn and didn't get sick.  I found a pair of jeans that I can wear for a few weeks, and I bought an inexpensive sweater in a smaller size.  All in all, this was a really good day.

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