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Monday, October 17, 2011

Denial is NOT a River in Egypt...

I ended yesterday's blog saying that life gets better as I get thinner, and I think I should clarify that.  First of all, life's better because I feel better physically.  Second, I feel better emotionally.  I am happier and more self-confident.

I used to think that my weight wasn't a problem.  I really did.  I thought that as long as I didn't have heart disease or diabetes I was healthy.  I discounted those doctors who told me that my weight was the reason for my lack of energy.  I never read beyond the headlines those articles about how unhealthy obesity is, and I quickly flipped the channel if I came across a program on television.

I am no longer in denial.  I know that I was slowly killing myself.  I am super fortunate that I had this surgery before I developed heart disease or diabetes.  My poor knees were bearing 75 percent of my weight every minute of every day.  Of course, my knees still hurt--the surgery I had as a kid made sure that I would continue to have pain--but they definitely hurt less today than they did two months ago.  My energy level is much higher and my outlook on life is better.  I've always felt good about who I am--I think I'm a really good person--but I'm beginning to feel good about how I look!

And with that, I'm beginning to think about all the things I want to do--with travel at the top of the list! Paris, Rome, Nairobi...who knows?  Maybe I'll even get to see the Nile! ;-)

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