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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Lovely Laid-back Fall Day...

Autumn has finally arrived here in NC.  It was only in the low 60s this weekend, and I love the change, although the 60 degrees in my bedroom this morning wasn't fun!

I've always loved the cooler weather, but in times past, it was because cooler weather meant I could wear sweaters and "hide" some of my fat!  This fall, I'm looking forward to the cooler weather because that means Jack and I can go for walks.  I really have to do some serious muscle toning!  My forearms are getting loose and flabby because of the weight loss!  When I was at the Y the other day, I saw a woman who must've had this surgery--she wasn't a big woman anymore, but her upper arms were huge!  I do not want to look like that at all, so I'm going to train!  Even my butt is mushy--and I've never had a mushy butt!

The pool is great, but I think I have to do a little weight work, too.  I hate worked out at the Y, because most of the people working out are real "pros"...I feel more than a little inadequate. Ultimately, I won't let that keep me from working out--I am just going to be tied up, time-wise, for the next several weeks with the play. 

The weigh-in (the official one) is on Thursday...stay tuned for the new number!  Have a great Monday!!

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