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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Change For the Better!!

I ended yesterday's post with the advice that if you have 100 or more pounds to lose that you should have this surgery.  And I really meant it...but I wanted to expand that to say that if you have ANYTHING about yourself that you want to change, change it.  Do whatever you can to change it!

I was listening to Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way" today on my way to Greenville.  I love Lady Gaga, although I wasn't always a fan.  Her costumes and theatricality originally put me off, but when I started listening to her--to her music and to her message, I "got" it.   She is a real advocate for self-love and self-esteem and wants people to love themselves for who they ARE.  And I agree--we should love ourselves for who we are.  However, if there are things you don't like about yourself, you should work to change them.  I used to delude myself--hell, I LIED to myself.  I was so good at it, I convinced myself that it was okay to be obese--that people should have liked me for myself, not my size.  And while that IS true, it was ridiculous of me to want OTHER people to like me for myself when I didn't.  I have hated being fat my entire life.  I hate it even now, although I can reconcile that hate with the fact that I've done something about it.

Tonight I pulled some clothing out of the closet that I never use. (My television is in front of the closet door, so I only use one half of it...)  I found a lovely silk blouse that I was never able to wear because it didn't fit.  (Remember, I hate returning things--I always kept them because I was too embarrassed to return them to the store and say "This didn't fit".)  Anyway, the blouse is a little loose now, but I'm planning on wearing it later today--silk should "flow" anyway. 

Saturday afternoon, I went to lunch at Logan's and had steak!  Beef is especially hard to digest, but I was able to eat half the steak without any problems.  In fact, after lunch, I came home, got the dog and took him for a walk around City Lake, which is about a half mile.  A half mile might not seem like much to you, but considering that I was using an electric "scooter" a year ago, it's phenomenal to me!  I hurt a bit afterward, but the fact is, I did it!

It's Sunday.  Thank your higher power, no matter who He or She might be.  I'm just glad to be living lighter these days--and glad for the chance to share my life with YOU!

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