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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm Back!!

First, let me say how good it is to be back home with a cat on my lap and WiFi at my fingertips.  That being said, I'm really missing my mom!  She says she's going to sell her house in the spring--I hope that she does. My mom and I are friends--which is pretty special to me!

I had a great time in NY--I got to visit with a lot of friends, including one who may be helping me with a cover design for my young adult novel and whom I've not seen in 20 years!!  It's funny how much more confident I am--feeling comfortable in my own skin enough to go visit him without feeling like I'd "changed too much" since we last saw each other.

Visiting with friends was great, but I spent a lot of time talking about myself--which I don't normally do.  It was a little weird--and rather disconcerting--and I hope my friends weren't put off by it!  And a few questions came up that I thought I'd answer here as well as answering them at the time they were asked.

Jeannie asked if I feel any different inside my body--and the answer to that is yes. There are two times when I feel "different" is about thirty minutes after I've eaten.  I swear I can feel myself digesting the food!  It's not an unpleasant sensation but rather a fluttery, bubbling, gnawing sensation that lasts ten to fifteen minutes.  The other time is when I've not eaten in a while--I don't get hungry but I do feel empty.  And when I drink after that emptiness, I feel the liquid go just "so far" and stop.  Before the surgery, when I was truly empty, I could feel the liquid go all the way to the "bottom".  Neither of these two sensations are unpleasant, but to be perfectly honest, YES, I do feel slightly different inside.

Tomorrow I'll answer a few other questions people had for me...and I invite YOU to post your questions as well!  Have a FANTASTIC Friday, my dear readers!!

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