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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Perfect Gift

Christmas is coming—the best you can give to those you love is to love yourself.  It’s an amazing thing—when you love yourself, you’re just happier.  Happier you means happier relationships.  Happier relationships means a happier life at work and at home.  

I’m sure that you’ve put a lot of time and energy into finding just the “right” gifts for your loved ones.  I know that I have always been thrilled with finding the “right” gift.  But this year, I’ve bought fewer gifts than usual—in part because money is tight, but also because I’ve discovered that the best gift I can give to anyone is spending time with them.  People will enjoy spending more time with you when you like spending time with you!

It’s hard for me to get where there’s internet access here, especially during the holiday, so this will be my last post until the 26th or 27th.  Please—take my advice and give yourself and your friends the best gift possible—a happier you.  Be kind to yourself.  Be gentle.  When you screw up—and you will—forgive yourself and move on.  Merry Christmas, everyone…and as always, thank you for reading.  YOU are one of my blessings!

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