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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dodging a Bullet!

I was listening to music today--Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight".  Wow, did that resonate!  I really do feel that someone saved my life--I dodged a real bullet!  Twice within the last nine months, I interviewed with a school in Wilmington, which is where my ex lives.  The interviews went well; in fact, I was really surprised when I didn't get hired after the first interview!  And then when they called me for another opening less than three months later, I felt certain that they were going to hire me! Thank God they didn't!!

It's funny how often that happens--we think we want something that we don't get and are crushed.  Then something fabulous/horrible/both happens that reminds us that getting what we wanted would have been just awful!! "Be careful for what you wish for--you may get it" has been attributed to Confucius, but I couldn't find any proof he had actually said it.  However, it's excellent advice.  We should be careful for what we wish--how many times have you wished for something that you DID get and later thought, "damn!"? 

I don't know how I feel about a "supreme being"...I tend to be a bit agnostic these days, I'm afraid, but whether you call it/him or her "God", "Allah", "Fate" or simply "the Universe", someone or something had other plans for me.  Instead of being trapped in Wilmington with a man who wanted me to stay fat, I'm in Tarboro/Rocky Mount 66 pounds lighter!  I am happier than I could ever have imagined--and for that I say to whomever, "THANK YOU!"

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