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Monday, December 19, 2011

What Does Your Tag Say?

As I drove up from NC to NY yesterday, I took note of several personalized license tags.  In Virginia, which is where I spend a large portion of my trip, personalization is very inexpensive--like $10.00/year!  I have personalized tags--LVSHKSPR...which is "I love Shakespeare" without any vowels!  I love seeing people behind me trying to figure out what it means!

On the trip, I saw HEARTMD, which was either a cardiologist or someone who loves Maryland.  (Judging by the expensive nature of the car, I'm pretty sure it was a cardiologist.)  I also saw VIVEART and GOT OUZO. 

I love the option of personalizing our license tags--but what if we had to put our self-esteem out there on a plate?  What would yours say?  CHICKEN?  GOODONE?  Remember, you're limited to 8 spaces.  That doesn't allow you much, so be creative!  And yes, you guessed it--it's a homework assignment. :-)  I want you to creatively express yourself--and your self-esteem, personality, qualities as succinctly as you can--in 8 letters or less!

If I had done this six months ago, my tag would have said SELFHATE or FATCHICK.  Today, with my apologies to Shakespeare, whom I really do love, I think I'd change it to LOVEME.  How about you?  Leave yours in the comments--if you dare!!

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  1. My tag would be this...


    Albeit a bit late, Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year to You!!


    April x