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Saturday, December 3, 2011

What is That SOUND?

Yesterday, I was walking to the printer in the high school hall when I heard an odd sound.  I looked behind me and didn't see its source.  I looked to either side.  Still had no idea where the sound was coming from.  I continued to walk, and the sound continued.  I stopped.  The noise stopped.  I started walking again, and the "swishing" sound recommenced.  I looked down--the sound, which I hadn't heard before today, was the sound of my pants rubbing against each other at the ankle.

Why hadn't I heard this sound before?  Because the fat in my thighs kept my ankles apart!  And my thighs rubbing together were silent!  After all, if you rub two pillows together, do they make any noise?

I can laugh about it today, but the truth is, it's rather sad.  Sad that I spent a HUGE portion of my life being HUGE.  Still, I've finally done something about it--and it feels great.  I don't think one day has gone by in the last two or three weeks where I haven't received at least one compliment from someone.  I know I walk better, have more energy and definitely feel better about myself.  Don't get me wrong--like I said earlier this week, I love who I am, but I didn't love what I looked like.  I'm falling in love with her these days, too!

Please...if you have 100 or more pounds to lose, don't hesitate.  Don't wait.  Don't let another day of happiness slip by you.  Make an appointment.  If you're in my area, I'd recommend MY doctor, but the internet is filled with great information about great doctors all over the world. is an awesome website as well.  If you'd like to experience some of the joy--yes, joy--that I have, don't wait another day.  A new and exciting life can start for you today!

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