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Friday, December 16, 2011

Something Old...Something New,..Something Borrowed...and Something BLUE!

Relax!  I'm not getting married!! The "old" is my 2004 Dodge Stratus.  The "borrowed" is a boatload of cash, and the "new" is also the "blue"--I bought a new (to me) Toyota Corolla!! It's a 2010 with 40k miles, and it's a VERY pretty shade of blue--"Blue Streak Metallic". 

Another "old", although they can't possibly be described as old, are two of my former students who came to school to visit me!  Again, lots of hugs and compliments!  I love seeing them come back to school, all grown up!

There's also a potential "new"...I've met someone.  I'll call him "Buddy" until we see where things go, but I will say he and I seem to be a strong match.  More details to follow as they unfurl...

My holiday break begins at 2pm! Yay! Going to NY on Sunday for about ten days.  Have a FABULOUS Friday, everyone!!
PS: I thought it was time to update the picture...This is me with a darling student, Jazmine, who has given me permission to show her adorable face!

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