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Saturday, December 17, 2011

What a Wonderful Day!

Friday was GREAT...first, I got to drive to school in my adorable new car.  Then a student gave me the cutest gift, even though I had said no gifts because I'd rather kids spent their money on our Toys for Tots campaign.  I received a package from Kim, my yearbook representative--who knows about my surgery and sent cashews.  Yum...I can eat them AND they provide some protein!!

Then we had lunch as a faculty--about ten of us--at El Tapatio, which was fun.  But the best part of the day was the unexpected, but hoped for, bonus check waiting for me at the end of the day!  Given that I put money down on the car,  I had pretty much decided that the trip to NY would be rather subdued because it was all I could afford.  The bonus check changed that--YAY!  I definitely have to stop making excuses and get some slacks for work--I cannot wear those black jeans anymore--they are huge!

And another thing--this morning, I stood outside my car and had someone take a pic.  I've never been one for full-length pics and here I was, asking someone to take one!

I bought two different types of protein bars at Sam's Club--saving quite a lot of money.  Finally, I heard from "Buddy".  It put a smile on my face--I guess that's a sign!

I had a great Friday, so I want you to have a SUPER Saturday!

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