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Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Christmas Present

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday!  Mine was low-key, but wonderful--Mom and I ate dinner out (where we were surrounded by families having Christmas dinner) and then went to see "War Horse", which was wonderful but a bit graphic in its war scenes.  

I hope that you didn't do anything over the holiday that you regret--overeating, overspending, overindulging in alcohol, etc.  But if you did, dust yourself off and begin again. One of my writer friends shared a great quote by George Eliot, "It is never too late to become who you might have been."  So tell me...who would you be?  And what steps are you taking to become that person?

Saturday night is New Year's Eve, a time when people make resolutions to quit smoking, quit drinking, lose weight, etc.  Rather than making a resolution that will last you six weeks max, decide who you want to be and take steps in that direction today.  Don't wait until Saturday...start today  Remember, it's not too late!

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