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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Five More??

What a difference!  In years past, my trip to New York has involved restaurants, restaurants and more restaurants.  My mom and I are still eating out, but I am making such good choices!  I have to feel really good about that.  Last night, Thao and I went to dinner at the Lost Dog Cafe and then to the movies to see a sneak preview of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo".  It was great!  Violent but great!  I ordered grilled chicken with sweet potato fries at dinner--and while I only managed to eat about half of the chicken and five or six sweet potato fries, everything was delicious.  If you've never had sweet potato fries, I highly recommend!  

I haven't seen Thao since June, so she was impressed with my progress.  She said, "I don't think I've ever seen you this small!", and she's right--she hasn't.  I've known her for nearly ten years, and this is the smallest I've been!  Our friend, Robb, was equally complimentary!  It felt SO good! Thao is on her own weight-loss quest and has lost TEN pounds! Yay for her! I think she looks great, too--but she's always been totally adorable, anyway!

If my mom's scales are correct--and there's no reason to think they aren't--I've lost five more pounds!  I weighed in on both her upstairs and her downstairs scales (not sure why she needs two, but...) and the number was the same!  So...that's 76 pounds!  Eeek!  Just 24 away from 100!!  Mind boggling to me!

Mom and I went to the mall earlier today and I found a pair of size 16 jeans that may not fit right now--I haven't tried them yet, but they looked SMALL to me--at Penney's for $6.97!! Really! Marked down from $48 to $6.97!!  I also bought a cute dusty pink top that was marked down from $14.99 to $6.99!  Quite an accomplishment for me to buy clothing!  I haven't been comfortable enough yet to go into a store and go into a dressing room with an armful of clothing, but I'm pretty sure that day is coming!

It's cold and rainy here today; I hope it's warmer where you are! Christmas is almost here--I hope you're with at least someone you love!  Have a wish-filled Wednesday!

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