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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Day, Another Dollar...

Today was a "normal" school day.  No hurricane delay (although we *were* under a tornado watch and flash flood warnings all day...),a fire drill, soaking thunderstorm and no air conditioning at school!  Just a normal day...

But it *was* normal--I was craving Mexican food, and so after school, I went to El Tapatio for dinner (as I've done many times before).  What did I do differently?  I didn't eat half the basket of chips with that delicious white salsa, although I did have four chips. Yes, four.  And I didn't order the *fried* chimichanga (even though I loved it--past tense because who knows if I could eat it now!), but instead ordered the chicken burrito and then removed the tortilla.  The chicken and the burrito sauce were delicious--and plentiful; I even brought chicken home for lunch tomorrow.  I've discovered that I just adore spicy foods--and I couldn't care less about sweets!

Thai food yesterday, Mexican today--yay! Things *are* getting back to normal--and I couldn't be happier!

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