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Friday, September 16, 2011

It Happens Every Year...

Sunday is my birthday.  And this week and last, my email account has been inundated with emails from various restaurants, replete with "birthday gifts"--free desserts, monies off, even free ribs!  And Monday, I'm going out with my dear friend Crystal, whom I've not seen since...hmm...when was it again?

And the upshot of all this?  Ennui.  Boredom.  Lack of interest.  It's so weird--but I have no interest in food!  Crystal asked where I want to go--and truth is, I don't have a clue because 1) I'm limited in my choices and 2) food just doesn't excite me.  I *loved* food before the surgery--and now, it's merely sustenance.

I'm sure this is, again, just a stage.  The fact is, once I can eat salad and other difficult-to-digest foods, I'll probably feel differently.  But for now, all those birthday freebies will go unused, and I'll be better for it! 

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