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Monday, September 12, 2011

Exercising Some Caution...

I think I've overdone at the Y a little bit.  Today, I couldn't do more than 45 minutes in the water.  In fact,  was planning on going to a movie afterward--even drove half way to Greenville--and then realized I was too tired to continue, so I turned around and came home! (and took a nap!)

I'm not complaining--not really.  I'm really happy that I *have* gone to the Y every day since I rejoined--five days straight.  I just think I need to cut back the amount of time I'm spending in the water.  Friday, I was in the pool for 90 minutes!  I don't want to skip days, so I'm cutting back.  Monday, there's an aerobics class at 6:00pm.  I was planning on doing that, but I have "Senior Dinner" at school where I get to talk about the research paper. Yay. :-(  Tuesday night is the deep water aerobics class, which I will also do and then maybe a few minutes free swim afterwards. 

I'm definitely having a great time.  I just want to be really careful not to burn out.  So I'm just going to slow down a bit...and enjoy myself a little more!!  My question for you today: what have you done for YOU lately?

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